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My standard fee for an hour individual session is £70 but am very happy to negotiate this individually on grounds of general affordability and am open to some pro-bono work by talking through availability and helping signpost/liaise to other support.

For more complex/higher risk clients where it may be necessary to liaise with external agencies by client request or, with high risk/high complexity, e.g. attending meetings, writing reports for police investigations, courts, tribunals, employers, other agencies, my standard fee is £100 per hour.

For training, talks, media, I will endeavour to accommodate your budget for different audiences, groups, talks/presentations and workshops. Happy to talk to you about projects you feel I could contribute collaboratively with you.

My preferred method of payment is via PayPal button or PP invoice to be paid on agreed basis but can accept BACS transfer and also accept cash with receipt.

Sam Feeney – Integrative Therapy, Training and Consultancy

Dip Coun, Dip Gender/Sexual Diversity, Reg MBACP, Pink Therapy network

Phone +44 7928 355272

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