Sam Feeney


Dear Laythees, Gentlethem and Other Esteemed Beings

I’m so excited about being able to time my new business launch with the first Pride in Ely/Cambs 30 years after coming out first time round…

I’m in need of a little assistance in helping with essential start-up costs ahead of September e.g. travel costs, printing costs, fees etc. Have initial target of £250 but am looking at a Patreon page for crowdfunding my book/PassionPlayProject.

In meantime if anyone is happy to contribute any donations there is a PayPal link here. I will contact donors individually to ensure you your personal information will be treated securely and confidentially. That said, I would welcome publicly thanking and recognising initial funders & supporters in subsequent publicity and on the website it that is reciprocally welcomed.

With the able support from my fledgling team so far and my good friend Emma Bail from Accounts by Emma I hope my current self-confidence, creative output & rich matrix of community support that nurtures me through all this continues through the frustrations and yet more new learning to come.

So many thanks for all the kindness and support you’re all giving me right now in feeling the fear but flying away.

With much love and gratitude,